High Quality Physician Billing Service

Orion Western Skies Billing Service has an excellent reputation for our high quality physician billing services. We have experience in twenty different medical specialties ranging from Family Practice to Neurosurgery. We have obtained all of our business through word of mouth referrals. Western Skies Billing Service has been in business for over 24 years. Orion Western Skies Billing Service has been told by clients that we stand above other billing services by our attention to details and our diligent filing of appeals. We participated in a CMS study that found 70% of our appeals are paid. So if appeals are not being filed, you are losing out on a tremendous amount of income. Our patient billing collection rates and results are among the best in the industry, give us a call to see why. We would be happy to provide you with a complete list of client references.

Services include:

  • Provides comprehensive patient billing, insurance claims processing, and receivable management
  • Files insurance claims electronically after every batch
  • Bills secondary and tertiary carriers
  • Sends out patient statements after every charge and payment batch
  • Loads managed care contracts to track insurance reimbursement
  • Files appeals
  • Maximizes collections through phone calls and pre-collection letters
  • Provides monthly production reports, collection reports, aged accounts receivable reports, patient reports, and custom reports as requested
  • Provides special reports for use as marketing tools
  • Assists clients in developing fee schedules
  • Assists clients in developing policies for payment

Additional Services available

  • Automated Appointment Reminder software
    • Calls all patients on your schedule in advance
    • Saves staff costs used for manual reminder calls
    • Reduces no shows
  • Real time eligibility
    • Checks your entire schedule for eligibility with only a couple of clicks and get results in seconds.
    • A client reduces staff costs by 1 FTE using this service
  • Online Patient Payment portal
    • Front desk staff can enter credit card and check payments – real time deposit and funds verification
    • Patients have the convenience of paying their bill online
    • WSB staff can enter credit card and check payments from patient accounts receivable calls
    • Monthly payment arrangements can be set up to automatically withdrawn from the patient’s bank account
  • Scanning solution
    • Scans patient information sheets, insurance cards and superbills to  patient accounts.
    • Reduces copy and courier costs
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Hosting
    • Contact us for an evaluation of hosting your EMR
    • Cost of our services are dependent on the EMR vendor
    • Rely on our medical and physician billing experience to help alleviate the problems encountered with starting with an EMR.

Our Medical Billing Technology

We provide you with access to the most advanced software in the industry, giving you access to a wide variety of custom reports, scheduling options, and business analysis tools. We also have the expertise to connect with your EMR.

Our Technology

Western Skies Billing Service has invested an enormous amount of time and money in our technology. We use GE Centricity Practice Management for our medical billing software. We have created a sophisticated infrastructure that is not only HIPAA compliant but also enables us to integrate with numerous EMR packages.

Fees for Medical Billing Services

We charge a percentage of collected income on a monthly basis.  Our fees are based on specialty and volume.  Please contact us for specific pricing information.

Technology Award

Western Skies Billing Service received GE Healthcare's national award for "Recognizing Innovative Use of GE Centricity Practice Offerings" at the 2007 Collective Knowledge User Summit in Boston.

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