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EHR Integration

Implementing technology that supports your practice management goals is just one part of a robust and complete IT strategy. Today’s focus on The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) and corresponding meaningful use rules are bringing IT to the clinical side of your practice too.

At Orion Western Skies Billing, we are uniquely poised to assist clients with these IT challenges and compliance issues. Our technology utilizes GE Centricity® Practice Solution for medical billing software and our sophisticated infrastructure ensures integration with any EHR solution, giving you the flexibility to choose a proven EHR vendor, while maintaining the stellar relationships and performance you have come to rely on from Orion Western Skies Billing.

To find out how to put Orion technology solutions to work in your practice, call Orion HealthCorp at (678) 832-1800 or email info@orionhealthcorp.com.

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