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Information Technology plays a critical role in the success of your practice, impacting every facet of business from the revenue cycle and workflow processes to collections performance and receivables management. At Orion Western Skies Billing, we equip you with the most advanced software in the industry, giving you the flexibility to address the challenges inherent in adopting an IT strategy and maximize on its opportunities. Our software provides the tools you need to determine how your business is performing, analyze trends, and make decisions to improve cash flow, profitability and productivity. We also offer access to a wide variety of custom reports, scheduling options, and business analysis tools.

The cornerstone of our technology offering is GE’s Centricity® Practice Solution. GE’s Centricity® Practice Solution helps us provide you with crucial patient and financial management, document management, decision support and connectivity solutions – all designed to help you improve your business performance and patient service. Our sophisticated, user-friendly infrastructure is not only HIPAA compliant, but also supports integration with numerous electronic health record (EHR) packages. Orion Western Skies Billing also has the capability of hosting your EHR software which could significantly reduce your initial investment costs.

To find out how to put Orion technology solutions to work in your practice, call Orion HealthCorp at (678) 832-1800 or email info@orionhealthcorp.com

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